When it comes to decorating a child’s bedroom there is a balance to be had between creating a space that reflects their personality but is also practical. At Frank’s, we have a wide range of carpet options that are perfect for completing the look of a child’s room.

Ideally, you need a bedroom carpet that your child loves and won’t clash with their ever-changing tastes as they grow into a teenager, then an adult. What’s more, it’s essential that your flooring can stand the test of time and the tumble of busy family life. 

Opting for carpet for a child’s bedroom is a common decor choice because as it gets cold in the winter months it’s important that they are warm and snuggly at all times. It is also extremely versatile and can pair well with almost any colour scheme or aesthetic.

With so many types available at Frank’s it may seem difficult choosing the right one for your child’s bedroom. Our guide is here to help you make the right choice on flooring, so hopefully both you and your children will enjoy it!

Carpet types for young children’s bedrooms

Many parents choose carpet for kids’ bedrooms because it is warmer, softer and also absorbs sound. This can be an important decision-making factor if you don’t want to hear the kids playing loudly or having temper tantrums!

When it comes to young children, mess is to be expected. Running around frantically, spilling food and drink, and accidents with paint and glue can all put your flooring to the ultimate test. 

We have a huge range of hard wearing carpet choices available at Frank’s. However, for the bedroom of a young child we particularly recommend synthetic types for the job. 

Synthetic carpet

Synthetic carpet is crafted from manmade materials such as polypropylene, which makes them able to withstand heavy foot traffic and general wear and tear.

What’s more, it is stain resistant. So if your children like to play with arts and crafts or happen to sneak food into their room without you knowing .you needn’t worry about long lasting marks occurring. 

Worth considering for potty training accidents or the occasional water spill, it is also resistant to water. It is also considerably cheaper than wool or wool-blend carpet, which means that if the kids rough it up a bit you haven’t spent a small fortune on it.

Colours for younger children’s bedrooms 

A choice like this largely depends on your personal style and your child’s taste. Light colours such as beige, cream or pink carpet will keep the vibe of the room light and playful. These light colours are also easy to coordinate with other decor choices. 

On the other hand, dark colours like purple, blue and black are good for hiding stains. Dark colured carpet is ideal if you have kids that are particularly lively and boisterous and can make a room feel increasingly more cosy. 

Dark brown is the ultimate choice for practicality and effortlessly complements a wide range of colour schemes, including bold shades that children often choose as their favourites.

Carpet types for older children’s bedrooms

Generally, as the older children get the more self-control they have. Therefore you might feel more comfortable prioritising the look of your carpet over practical properties. This might mean choosing a lighter colour or a different fibre such as wool.

Saxony or twist carpet

Teenagers might be more likely to be drawn to a cosy carpet that feels soft underfoot and more luxurious, like a Saxony or twist carpet manufactured from polypropylene. 

Velvet carpet is another lavish pick that looks and feels amazing; it is also available in a wide range of stunning colours.

Colours for older children’s bedrooms

Older kids often have stronger opinions, many parents can vouch for that! That also goes for what colours they’d like featured in their bedrooms, especially as they begin developing their own personal style and preference.

If you find yourself struggling to find a compromise between what they want and what you think would be best, why not consider a neutral cream with interjections of smaller pieces in their favourite colours?

Alternatively, choose a patterned carpet that features bits of what you both like. 

Pop down to your local Frank’s and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect carpet for your child’s bedroom.

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