As you can imagine as the largest independent family run flooring company in the North East, we have been absolutely chocker over the past month. As soon as the Christmas trees came down the floodgates opened with people wanting new carpet or flooring. Hands up, we’ve not had the chance to sit down and scribble some thoughts down for you, but we found a few minutes recently to get our first blog of 2020 down on paper for you all.

It goes without saying, but what’s Frank’s known for (other than a catchy catchphrase?). We’ll tell you, it’s our unbeatable prices on a wide range of carpets and flooring. We’ve got carpet for any room so you don’t need to fret, we’ve always got something in stock whether it’s for the living room, kitchen, kids bedrooms or even some artificial grass for the backyard or garden!

With our huge range of flooring options available we find that sometimes our customers can get stuck when they first walk through the doors at Frank’s. What look are they after? How big is their room? What colour are they wanting? All very important questions when buying a new carpet or flooring. One of the most important questions you need to ask yourself is “How much do I want to spend?”

Knowing how much you want to spend and knowing how big your space is will help us work out what ranges are going to be available for your budget. It’s simple maths, we divide your budget by the space to work out your price per M². This means you can have a leisurely stroll around the store without being hit with the hard sell. As a family-run business, we don’t believe in pressure selling, we want you to feel comfortable in our stores where you can be assisted by our friendly team if you wish.

Don’t worry if your budget is a little tight, we have a wide range of carpets and flooring to suit everyone no matter how much you want to spend.

At Frank’s, we work with ANY budget and we will work with you to make sure you get the best price on flooring to suit your needs that you will fall in love with. After all, there’s not another carpet or flooring retailer that will say “It’s impossible to buy flooring for less anywhere!”, and can back this up with confidence with our price promise.

What Now?

We love a challenge at Frank’s! If you come to any Frank’s store we guarantee to offer you a better on the floor price than any of our competitors. If we can’t, we will give you that flooring completely free. That’s how confident we are that it’s impossible to buy flooring for less, anywhere!

If you have a floor plan, brilliant, bring it in. If you don’t, don’t worry because you can book for one of the lads to come ‘round to measure up for you.

So, whatever you’re wanting to spend on your new flooring, if you want the best prices visit your local Frank’s store today and we will make sure you get the best deal for your budget, guaranteed!

Find your local Frank’s today.


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