Getting your bedroom flooring spot on is really important because everyone wants the room they rise in to always shine! Flooring helps to match your mood and style but also meet daily needs in one of the most important rooms of the home.

Never get up on the wrong side of bed again with our amazing range of flooring suitable for bedrooms at Frank’s!

From choosing the perfect flooring to suit your bedroom to understand pile types and colour choices, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you out.

What type of flooring is best for bedrooms?

Typically, carpet is the traditional choice for bedrooms for many reasons. Carpet offers insulation which instantly adds warmth and comfort to a bedroom. It is also soft underfoot; there’s no better feeling than stepping out of bed onto plush, high quality carpet.

However, not all carpet is the same and how it looks and feels is all dependent on pile type. Loop and twist carpet is suitable for areas that receive high foot traffic, such as hallways, landings and staircases.

For a bedroom, cut-pile is best for a soft surface and saxony cut carpets are even better due to the deeper, more plush pile that feels luxurious between your toes. Plus, if you’re looking for pet friendly flooring cut-pile won’t allow claws to get caught in the fibres.

As far as styling a small bedroom goes, enjoy the range of light-coloured carpets we have available in-store. Lighter and brighter tones will make even the smallest and cosiest rooms feel instantly more spacious.

Is carpet or laminate flooring best for bedrooms?

When it comes to the choice between laminate flooring and carpet for your bedroom, the answer goes beyond aesthetic. Both types of flooring have plenty of budget-friendly options, so don’t worry if affordability is affecting your decision.

Laminate doesn’t always hide everyday dirt as easily as carpet can but it can be just as simple to maintain day-to-day, sometimes more depending on your home life. 

On the other hand, laminate doesn’t offer the same level of comfort or underfoot warmth as carpet which can be a problem in particularly cold rooms. It can also generate more noise when pets and family members are moving around the house.

That being said, both of these issues can be improved by investing in high quality underlay. If these points don’t bother you, then it’s all down to your personal style. Would you prefer the stylish, vibrant colours of carpet or the modern aesthetic of laminate flooring?

Is vinyl flooring practical for bedrooms?

If you are searching for an affordable alternative to laminate that is warmer underfoot, consider something from our vinyl range. We have a huge range of vinyl in-store that replicates the look of natural wood, stone and marble. 

Vinyl is also pet friendly and super easy to care for, whether you go for traditional vinyl or our LVT, upkeep and maintenance has never been easier!

Therefore, if you require flooring that offers comfort and fantastic value for money, install vinyl as the fuss-free options you’ve been looking for.

Discover a wide range of high quality flooring solutions available at your local Frank’s. Pop down to your nearby store and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect flooring to transform your home.

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