It goes without saying that the bathroom is an essential part of any home. Whether a bathroom is large or small, there are a choice of suitable colours to make the space feel clean, fresh and stylish. So, what are the best colours for bathroom flooring?

No matter whether you choose hardwood flooring, LVT or laminate; at Frank’s we have plenty of exciting colour options to pick from.

For a bathroom aesthetic, colours that are most suitable are those that are neutral with a cool tone. Most bathrooms are small in size, therefore it is advisable to install flooring that is going to make the space feel bigger and brighter. 

The most popular colours for bathroom flooring are white, beige, eggshell, light grey and sand. Depending on your overall look and the accessories you choose, any of these colours should be a perfect match.

Find your flooring at Frank’s

Once you have a rough idea of the colour you want your bathroom flooring to be, it’s just about narrowing it down to the right shade. You might want to keep in mind whether you want your bathroom to follow cool or warm tones and head down to your local store to browse.

We recommend choosing a flooring type that is attractive on the eye, complements your walls, fixtures and accessories is practical. Some other factors to be considered are budget, longevity, ease of installation and how well it will suit your taste.

At Frank’s we have a wide range of flooring suitable for bathrooms, including LVT and laminate flooring. Pop down and have a look for yourself!

What are some popular bathroom flooring choices?

Laminate flooring is a fantastic choice for bathrooms because it is easy to install, simple to clean and gives an elegant look. 

On the other hand, we wouldn’t recommend hardwood flooring for a bathroom environment because wood is porous. This means that the humidity and water spills caused by sinks, showers and baths will cause natural wood to warp and bend over time.

If you want to achieve a rustic-looking home, why not opt for bright laminate flooring or classic vinyl flooring in a pastel hue?

Decide on the colour 

Generally, it is best to keep your flooring darker than the walls and ceiling. However, feel free to be adventurous as you like when it comes to decorating your bathroom.

Before choosing the perfect bathroom flooring, it’s important to choose the right colour. You want to create visual interest in the room and keep the energy of your home fresh.

Dark-coloured flooring stands out beautifully when the walls are tiled in a simple white or sand hue. Typically, flooring looks best when it does not overpower the rest of the room but should still be a showpiece. 

Should bathroom flooring and wall tiles match?

The tiles on the walls of your bathroom do not have to match the flooring you choose. Most of the time, in a bathroom, the floor is darker than the walls and this looks fantastic.

However, if you are short on space in your bathroom then choosing the same colour flooring as your light tiles might help open up the room and make it feel brighter.

Pop down to your local Frank’s and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect bathroom flooring for your home.

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