Why choose Artificial Grass? Anyone living here knows that the British weather is not to be relied upon, no matter the time of year. This doesn’t make having green fingers easy; and when you add in the factors of children and pets playing in your garden too, you can just about kiss goodbye to having the perfect lawn – unless you’re hiring a full-time gardener or spending countless hours outside working on it!

More and more of us are opting for Artificial Grass in our gardens as a solution. As it becomes more affordable to buy and have fitted, homeowners are fast seeing and reaping the benefits of having false grass rather than real. There’s no risk of patchy colouring, no need to mow or weed, and no more muddy footprints or paws coming straight from your garden and onto your carpets. It saves hours of your time; instead leaving you free to enjoy your garden during any scarce sunny weather that Britain experiences this summer. This low maintenance solution is ideal for those who can’t indulge in much manual work, or who would rather spend the time with loved ones enjoying the great outdoors – and either way, it makes for a great opportunity to get out and about!

Save water with Artificial Grass

There’s also an environmental benefit to having faux grass installed. Of course, we all love the real thing, but during sunny months maintaining a real garden can involve using a lot of water and chemical products to stimulate growth. This need is eliminated with Artificial Grass, as none is required at all.

The neat appearance of Artificial Grass compared to real keeps it looking flawless year-round, without it being affected by frost, snowfall, or pests and animals. Our artificial grass products are protected from UV rays bleaching them to maintain a consistent colour even when exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. Even if your next-door neighbour’s garden looks burnt and bleached, yours will still appear in tip-top bright condition.

Frank’s The Flooring Store stock a range of Artificial Grass products and can advise you on what will best work for your outdoor spaces – be that front gardens, back gardens, balconies, patios or children’s play areas! Widths and lengths vary from 2m through to 4m, and there’s a choice of colours and shades available as well as different textures.

Installing Artificial Grass can be done quickly, and the expert fitters at Frank’s The Flooring Store can do this for you for any size, shape or type of outdoor area. Call into a store or give our team a call to discuss the ins and outs of installation and to book a home visit – we’ll happily share our expertise to help you make an informed decision and to make your garden area look sensational. It’s impossible to buy Artificial Grass for less!

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