When it comes to artificial grass, despite being a low maintenance alternative to natural awn, a regular cleaning routine is essential to ensure maximum life expectancy. At Frank’s, we’ve got the perfect care guide!

As an outdoor product, artificial lawn is open to elements and requires some periodic maintenance to stay looking its best.

Therefore, here are our aftercare tips for maintaining it, to make sure your garden looks clean and presentable.

Remove leaves and debris regularly

The first step is to regularly remove leaves and debris using a leaf flower, stiff brush or plastic rake. You could also regularly trim back hedges and overhanging trees to reduce the number of leaves falling on your grass.

Apply weed killer

Artificial turf is still susceptible to airborne weeds, therefore regular maintenance in the form of a weed killer twice annually to the entire area is paramount.

Brush your artificial grass

As long as there is no transfer of dirt or soil, artificial lawn is almost self-cleaning. However, if your lawn does require cleaning, we recommend hosing it down with a light detergent and using a stiff brush.

Remove pet waste

If you have a cat or a dog, it is really important to get rid of any pet urine or waste odours to keep your lawn clean and fresh.

Avoid reflective surfaces

Outdoor mirrors and reflective or shiny surfaces can have an adverse effect on artificial lawn and are not recommended.

Don’t use BBQ’s on artificial grass

BBQ’s and other heat sources should not be placed directly on your artificial turf because they could cause the grass to burn due to the intense heat generated from them. We recommend placing BBQ’s on a patio instead.

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