With so many different types of flooring available at Frank’s, it might seem difficult working out which one is perfect for you and your home. However, carpet has been a firm favourite for many years and it’s clear to see why.

When it comes to carpet, there are a wide range of benefits that other types of flooring simply cannot match. An extremely popular flooring type for homes, let us tell you how you can add comfort, performance, value, safety and beauty to your property with carpet. 

5 Reasons To Install Carpet

There are many advantages of installing this flooring type in your home but here are the five main reasons why you should consider it.

Carpet is warming & comforting

If you enjoy having a home that is always cosy and comfortable then carpet is a fantastic choice. It provides thermal insulation and resistance so even in colder climates and seasons it retains warm air longer than most other flooring types.

As well as keeping your home feeling toasty, this benefit also helps to conserve energy because you’ll find yourself needing to switch on the heating much less. 

It also provides a comfy place to sit, play or work and gives a significantly warmer feeling to any room it is installed.

It helps to reduce slips & falls

It is also really good for safety when it comes to the whole family, especially toddlers, the elderly and pets. This flooring type cushions footsteps and considerably reduces the chances of slips and falls and reduces the severity of injuries if they do happen to occur.

Noise is drastically reduced 

Our homes can be noisy places, especially when the TV is on in one room and the sound system in another. Another amazing benefit is that it helps to absorb sounds in order to make sleeping and working easier.

It can also work as a sound barrier between different floors in the home to block sound transmission and can dampen the sound of foot traffic on stairs. 

Indoor air quality is improved

Much different to hard floors, carpet acts as a passive air filter and traps pollen, dust and other particles which removes them from the breathing zone. 

Carpet adds style 

Depending on the type of look you want to achieve for your home, carpet can be a great foundation or a complete focal point all by itself with bold patterns, fascinating textures and vibrant colours.

With so many choices for carpet available at Frank’s, the possibilities are almost endless!

Discover a wide range of high quality carpet at your local Frank’s. Pop down to your nearby store and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect flooring to transform your home.

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