Carpet Cleaning – why it could be a mistake

Carpet Cleaning can be false economy

There are numerous carpet cleaning products on the British market now, from pound-store spray-on foams to specialist steam clean machines for hire. Yet your carpet cleaning routines may actually be doing more damage than it is good – even if your floor is looking brighter and fresher than usual. Carpet shampoos and cleaners are often bought and applied by homeowners as a DIY job but is a real false economy. Here, we explain why.

Cleaning can damage your carpet

The chemicals that make up carpet cleaners are designed to seep down between the fibres of the carpet material and absorb or disintegrate any stains, dirt, dust or grime. However, the chemical reactions caused depend on the type of the carpet material present. Unless you know the exact material make-up and finish of your carpet, you could be irreversibly staining the material or corroding it away. In severe cases, the fibres may shrivel into shorter, thicker, harder pieces; not the squeaky clean soft finish you were hoping for! The most common combination of chemicals found in domestic carpet cleaners will over time cause shrinkage to most types of carpet, so it’s important to keep an eye on the edges of the flooring and the depth of your pile. Anything that encourages standing water on the surface will have a shrinking effect.

Carpets of good quality will contain naturally-occurring oils that act like a protective barrier against anything absorbing into the material. These are invisible to the naked eye, and you can’t feel them. A quick hoover won’t impact on these oils, but chemical treatment may; wearing away the organic security blanket in place.

Hiring specialist machines can lessen the burden of having to carry a frequent clean but these are costly, heavy and time-consuming to use. If you must use an industrial cleaner, ensure you are well versed in your carpet’s type, the chemicals being used and the correct method for applying them. Leaving even a residual amount of such cleaner in place after the job has been done can result in spots and stains – so be sure not to miss a spot!

When to avoid cleaning your carpet

If your carpet is over two years old and is frequently hoovered (with or without additional products), it will have experienced some standard ‘wear and tear’. You need to make a degree of allowance for this to happen, and providing it isn’t overly unsightly, it’s completely normal. However, introducing chemical cleaning at this point will only have an effect to a point, and will never entirely restore the surface to its original glory.

For ageing floors, having a new carpet installed is often better value than investing in regular cleaning and maintenance. A fresh carpet is a blank canvas and when installed by experts, will last longer and require less upkeep.

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