Summer isn’t over just yet! There’s still time to get your garden looking the way you want it! Are you still mowing the lawn every weekend? Do you want a hassle-free garden? Maybe it is time you started to think about swapping the turf for artificial grass!  

Now Frank’s might be known as the place to go for the best price on flooring, but we are also known as the best place to go to get the best price on artificial grass. Artificial grass is a great substitute for a traditional grass lawn.

Why should you be thinking about buying artificial grass? Well, we’ll tell you.

  1. No growing, seeding or cutting. Artificial grass is synthetic, meaning it doesn’t need to be planted, watered and given time to grow. Once it is down, it’s not going to need mowing every week and you’re not going to need to worry if it isn’t growing at a healthy rate. It’ll have the same height and thickness from day one. Even better, you can use the time you’d usually spend mowing with your feet up in a deck chair!
  2. A garden anywhere. Regardless of the size of your garden or yard space, we can get you a fresh looking lawn down. You might not think it, but we have transformed some amazing backyards into trendy yardens, creating a garden from that rough-looking yard! It doesn’t matter if you currently have grass or not, we can get your garden or yard looking amazing.
  3. Low maintenance. With artificial grass, you don’t have to worry about lawn disease, weeds, pests or horrible muddy puddles. Artificial grass is really easy to maintain compared to seeded grass. Over time you will also see the benefits in your wallet. Long-term you will drastically reduce your spending on lawn food, pesticide, water and overall maintenance.
  4. Pet-friendly. We are a nation of dog and cat lovers and you will be happy to hear that artificial grass is perfect for pooches and feline friends. At the moment, your pet will probably come into the house with muddy paws covered in grass and god knows what. With artificial grass, you will see a drastic reduction in the amount of mess being brought into your home from pet paws.
  5. Environmentally friendly. Did you know that on average, natural grass requires 55 gallons of water per year? That’s huge! Except for an occasional rinse here and there you can cut the amount of water you are using with the installation of artificial grass. Not only will you be saving on water, but you will also be helping to reduce pollution. You won’t need to mow your lawn anymore, eliminating the need for a polluting lawnmower. Win win!
  6. Better lawn life expectancy. Great news, your beautiful artificial lawn will have a nice long life. Artificial grass differs from natural grass as it is man-made. Your natural grass could require reseeding or relaying after a few years. Artificial grass has a lifetime of between 12-15 years. Just think, you won’t have to take the time, money and effort to start all over again for a good long while.

Whatever your artificial grass needs, or maybe you’re just curious, make sure you visit your local Frank’s to get the best selection and best price, guaranteed. 

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